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Frequently asked questions

What is Cataclysmic Gaming?

Cataclysmic Gaming is a community for new and veteran players who want to join an esports team and don't know where to start. With community events and training sessions weekly so we can build up multiple teams together! That being said, Cataclysmic Gaming is definitely open to everyone who just wants to make friends and share in our common gaming hobby without having to compete on an elite level. So if you just want to chill you're more than welcome.

How do I tryout for the team?

One week before every tournament there will be tryouts and you will be placed on a team at your skill level! You will always have a chance to move up based on your performance. Nobody gets cut based on skill level

What tournaments does the team compete in?

CaGE competes in all regional and national tournaments with the number of teams based on the amount of interest in competing in the upcoming tournaments.

Where can I watch the streams?

You can watch the streams for all the tournaments on twitch!

Will the team ever play any other games?

Yes, we will always be looking for the next upcoming game(s)! If there is a game we do not currently support feel free to recommend it to be added!

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